Dutch Sourcing & Cloud Congress (including the presentation of the 2022 Dutch IT Sourcing & Cloud Study Results)

Event info
Datum 10-03-2022 (13:30 - 18:30)
Locatie Randstad
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It is with great pleasure that we announce the Dutch Sourcing & Cloud Congress 2022, including the presentation of the results of Whitelane & Quint’s 2022 Dutch IT Sourcing & Cloud Study.

This event is the largest client/buyer-side IT sourcing & Cloud event in the Netherlands and is open to organisations who participated in the Whitelane & Quint IT Sourcing & Cloud Study. The event will feature the presentation of the results of the study and various round table discussions with prominent cases from the industry. Participants of the survey and the event will also receive an exclusive copy of the report after the event.

This is a ‘client-side only’ event, aimed at CIO’s, COO’s, CPO’s and direct reports.  If you want to join, please register. If you fit the target audience, you will receive a conformation per e-mail. For questions please contact Eleonora van IJssel (eleonora.van.ijssel@quintgroup.com)

If the measures allow it, this conference will take place offline, if not, it will be online. More info to come!