HIMSS19 Studiereis “Van innovatie naar implementatie”

Event info
Datum 14-02-2019
Locatie Orlando, USA
Prijs €5.495

This event is no longer available (date has already passed).

SAS and Quint would like to welcome you to this extraordinary, strategic and multi-country study-tour!



It is our objective to provide you with new insights into the future business model of healthcare: What will a ‘virtual’ healthcare organization look like, and how can data and advanced analytics like artificial intelligence be used in daily care. And moreover: how to get these promising concepts really implemented. In addition, you will have a unique opportunity to network with both US and Nordic healthcare providers. During the study tour we have invited Cleveland Clinics and Mercy Virtual Health to inspire and share their experiences with us. A large part of the tour will be spent jointly with the Nordic HIMSS Community. Participants of leading hospitals, like Karolinkska, will join us in all workshops. So if you are a board member, CMIO or CIO of a hospital or care provider, please have a look at the near final agenda and sign up to join us!

The Context

SAS QUINT HIMSS19The combined vision of our organizations is that your healthcare organization, either hospital or providing care for elderly or disabled, will become to a large extent a ‘virtual’ healthcare organization. This business model is only possible with the strategic use of data and advanced analytics. Over centuries, technology has helped us to gather more symptoms about patients and their environment, and quantify them more precisely. The use of technology that contributes to the collection, structuring and interpretation of large amounts of data, is of great importance for the future of our care. Many examples exist of how analytics can contribute to patient care. However, these examples are rarely being used on a daily basis in our care processes. What are the reasons? During this study trip we want to find answers to the question of how to get your virtual and data driven healthcare business model really working and how technology such as eHealth, data, artificial intelligence and sensoring deliver value for your patients, employees and organization.

The Program

  • 10th: Arrival Orlando, Kickoff group meeting, Drinks Dutch HIMSS Community
  • 11th: Dutch seminar, social event, barbecue Dutch HIMSS Community
  • 12th: Day at the Convention Center, Workshop with Cleveland Clinic
  • 13th: Day at the Convention Center, Holland House Reception
  • 14th: Travelling to Cary, Day at the Executive Business Center SAS, evening dinner Workshop: “What is required for your virtual healthcare organization”, including the topics: eHealth, Change Management, Integral Work Processes, Data, AI & more. Introduction “Latest and greatest in use of data and AI for Healthcare”
  • 15th: Workshop with Mercy Virtual Health about eHealth, Travelling to Amsterdam
  • 16th: Arrival Amsterdam

Praktische informatie

  • Voor meer informatie over de studiereis kunt u contact opnemen met Roos Mijnen (r.mijnen@quintgroup.com, 020 305 3700)
  • Na uw aanmelding via deze site nemen wij contact met u op om uw aanmelding te formaliseren.
  • Investering €5.495 (onder voorbehoud)
  • De studiereis vindt aansluitend op HIMSS19 plaats, dus van donderdagochtend 14 februari tot de aankomst in Nederland op zaterdagochtend 16 februari.
  • Groep: maximaal 25 personen
  • Alle genoemde informatie is onder voorbehoud. De organisatie behoudt zich het recht voor om wijzigingen aan te brengen aan de samenstelling en de (algehele) beschikbaarheid van de studiereis.