Launch Webinar: DASA DevOps Product Owner

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Datum 06-11-2018 (10:00 - 10:30)
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In a DevOps environment, the Product Owner is a critical leadership role and responsible for managing the full lifecycle of a product from concept to grave. The DASA DevOps Product Owner program expands on traditional agile product owner programs and deals with the extended set of requirements that a product owner faces when teams start to take on both Dev and Ops responsibilities.

Why this DASA DevOps Product Owner training?

The program covers traditional Agile and Scrum concepts and capabilities in the context of DevOps. As a result, this training course is ideal for new and aspiring product owners and exciting for experienced product owners who are keen to understand how their role is evolving as a result of DevOps.

How does this program relate to other product owner certifications on the market?

Typically, product owner certifications have a strong focus on Agile and Scrum, and the software development lifecycle. When software development teams started working with the Scrum model, the product owner role became an important and influential role in every development team. With DevOps, the scope has been expanded with Ops becoming part of the scope. A DevOps product owner is now not only in charge of developing new features but is also responsible for incidents that occur as well as regular operations work that needs to be performed. The number of stakeholders is expanding, and product lifecycle management is becoming more important.

About this 30-minutes webinar

In this webinar, Niels Loader and Eddy Huisman, both Co-developers of DASA Competence Framework will explain exactly how this certification program helps the DevOps Product Owner realize maximum business value, engage with stakeholders, and deal with future requirements as well as operational challenges. In this session we will cover:

  • Why the DASA DevOps Leadership and Professional Certifications were Introduced
  • What the DASA DevOps Product Owner certification is
  • The role of a DevOps Product Owner
  • How Product Owner relates to the other DASA DevOps Certifications
  • How you can benefit by earning this certification