RSM Executive Education: Leadership Challenges with Big Data and Analytics

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Datum 20-09-2018
LocatieRotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, Bayle Building
Prijs€ 6,950
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erasmusuniversiteitArtificial Intelligence will without any doubt change the way we will do business in future. As a matter of fact, it is already changing many businesses that we are involved in today. But what is needed to make A.I. a valuable part of the way we do business ourselves? Many experts believe that successful Artificial Intelligence applications hinge on the so-called b-smact technologies (Blockchain, Social media, Mobile use, Analytics, Cloud and Things-on-the-internet or better known as IoT). The fuelling component of those technologies is Big Data.

Start your transformation towards data-driven

This insight will require a whole new set of business skills. Understanding and working with new technologies for big data collection, analysis and prediction will not create only huge opportunities for business, but also ethical, legal, privacy and technical issues concerning every part of the organisation. It will influence customer relationships, redefines how firms develop new products and services, changes how operations are organised and managed, improves demand and supply networks, and provides the basis for new business models. It will demand a data driven focus of everyone involved.

Organisations transforming towards becoming data-driven are guided and supported by the eight-day ‘Leadership Challenges with Big Data and Analytics’ programme at RSM Executive Education. It connects professionals in technical- and methodology-oriented data science with professionals engaged in business analytics, links them to best business practices, and actively involves senior executives. This programme has been developed and organised by the Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics with a wide range of partners from the industry.

Learning objectives

After participating in this programme, you will be able to:

  • provide professionals engaged in data science and business with academically sound and new ways to apply big data technologies in order to design and implement innovative and successful business applications
  • improve the business skills of technically focused data scientists by exploring business thinking, business-case creation, and problem solving from a business angle
  • improve the technical skills of business focused executives as they acquire new knowledge and understanding of data science methodologies and techniques
  • increase collaboration between data scientists and business executives by increasing mutual understanding
  • provide a cross-industry learning platform for professionals to learn from experiences in other relevant industries
  • broaden data scientists’ and business executives’ understanding of privacy and security as to provide solid data-driven and GDPR compliant business applications.
  • engage participants with senior executives and supervisors to facilitate implementation of business applications.

The programme uses a holistic approach by participation in multi-disciplinary and multi-hierarchical teams from various industries and a learning-by-doing approach from peers and via coaching by top academics and business experts.

Key features

  • Length: 8 day programme
  • Start date: 20 September 2018
  • Target group: Company teams of data scientists, business analysts and their executives and supervisors
  • Format: Blended learning concept & Individual coaching
  • Language: English
  • Faculty: Taught by internationally renowned top scientists from Erasmus University Rotterdam (Rotterdam School of Management and School of Economics), TU Delft, Leiden University and several guest speakers from business
  • Certificate: Official certification by Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

More information or a personal advice?

Do you have any questions about the programme, how to finance it or its curriculum? Please contact Mireille van Kol via email m.van.kol@quintgroup.com or phone +31 (0)20 3053600. Or download the brochure to explore the programme information, and discover how this course will improve your skills and benefit you and your organisation.

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