Vision Dinner ‘A Digital Strategy for the Future’ (with keynote Benji Coetzee, Director – Digital Tribe Lead, VodafoneZiggo)

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Datum 07-10-2020 (17:30 - 20:30)
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This event is no longer available (date has already passed).

Contrary to what many presume, digitalization is no longer just a necessary contingency to the functioning of enterprises. A successful digital strategy is essential for all future success, but successful digitalization is not as straight-forward as it seems. What it requires is a fundamental revisioning of corporate strategy to include digitalization. How can long -and short-term digitalization goals and projects successfully coexist? Potential problems can arise when employees are not on-board or if confusion over the order in which digitalization projects should be rolled out exists. How can such obstacles to success be overcome?

About this Vision Dinner

If you recognize these challenges, be inspired by this Vision Dinner in which Benji Coetzee, Digital Tribe Lead VodafoneZiggo, will elaborate on best practices and lessons learned concerning digitalization from her experience. Our subject matter expert is Niels Loader, he is Partner & Principal Consultant at Quint and author of the book ‘The Lean IT Expert’. Niels has been involved with many Lean, Agile and DevOps improvement projects, focusing on the effectiveness of leaders within these transformations.

Speaker: Benji Coetzee, Director – Digital Tribe Lead, VodafoneZiggo

Beni CoetzeeBenji Coetzee is one of the Forbes Global Top60 women in technology. She is a champion of sustainable impact through more effective digital strategy. Benji’s expertise concerning long term digitalization strategy and ensuring digitalization efforts are successful is a result of her vast experience as an entrepreneur and a strategic board advisor to organizations located in various countries. She currently leads all digital channels for VodafoneZiggo, the largest telecommunications company in the Netherlands. You are welcome to partake in this small-scale private Vision Dinner. After Benji’s presentation, she will enter in conversation with you and the other participants on your ideas concerning a digitalization strategy for the future. The Chatham House Rule applies to this session to ensure all participant scan share their thoughts freely. Participation is free of charge. I hope to be able to welcome you on the 7th of October!

Practical information

This event is aimed at Directors of Innovation / IT / Transformation and CIO’s. For more information please contact Roos Mijnen at roos.mijnen@quintgroup.com.