DASA DevOps Product Owner Training Syllabus

The purpose of this document is to inform all parties interested in the DASA DevOps Product Owner certification program of the areas covered in the program.

Recent developments in IT methodologies have given rise to a spate of concepts such as Agile, Scrum, DevOps, and Lean IT. These methodologies enable the realization of the customer value more rapidly than traditional methods. The DASA Product Owner qualification extends traditional Agile Product Owner programs and deals with the extended set of requirements that the Product Owner faces when teams start to take on both Dev and Ops responsibilities. The program covers the traditional Agile and Scrum concepts and capabilities but in context of DevOps. As a result, this program is ideal for not only new and aspiring Product Owners but also exciting for experienced Product Owners who are keen to understand how their role is evolving as a result of DevOps.

DevOps Training en Certificering

DASA DevOps Fundamentals

De DevOps Fundamentals training geeft een inleiding op DevOps, de culturele en professionele beweging waarin de nadruk ligt op communicatie, samenwerking, integratie en (uiteraard) automatisering met…

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DASA DevOps Professional: Enable and Scale

De DASA DevOps Professional: Enable and Scale (voorheen DevOps Practitioner) training borduurt voort op de basis die is gelegd met de DASA DevOps Fundamentals training. Deze DevOps Professional:…

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DASA DevOps Product Owner

De Product Owner vervult in een DevOps-omgeving een cruciale leiderschapsrol en is verantwoordelijk voor het managen van de volledige levenscyclus van een product, van de wieg tot aan het graf. Het…

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DevOps Simulation – The Phoenix Project

Business are demanding ever shorter release cycles for new applications. Traditionally ‘Operations’ is seen as a barrier with lengthy bureaucratic controls and delays in provisioning production…

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