Data knowledge, education and research – A year in review

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After a year of planning, and working with passionate people, we launched the Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics (ECDA) in 2019 with the intention of providing research-based knowledge, education and research about data science, data engineering, and data visualisation. We have seen encouraging progress over the past few months.

In the first part of the year we confirmed our founding partners and established the foundations for our network, and since our public launch at the sold-out Erasmus Data Analytics Summit in July, we have exceeded our ambitions in terms of the number of businesses that have engaged with us and sought to become business partners.

Data analytics is an interdisciplinary topic. Over the year we engaged 12 academic directors to add to our expertise; they come from 5 of the 10 faculties at Erasmus University Rotterdam. From the outset, our purpose was to become a centre for crossdisciplinary knowledge to explore data analytics and AI, enhance data knowledge, and find business and societal uses for data analytics and AI to benefit from the digital transformation.

We have engaged with several organisations from government and industry that support our purpose, and who confirmed the need for hands-on research and education. They share our vision and will be partners in helping us accomplish our mission. They understand that collaboration between academia, government and industry, sharing resources, knowledge and passion to create a societal impact is what we need to sustain the future. And they have endorsed the idea that passion provides purpose, but data drives decisions. We hope you enjoy this summary of our first official year of activities.

Gerrit Schipper

Executive director
Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics
Rotterdam School of Management,
Erasmus University