DASA DevOps Fundamentals Training Syllabus

The purpose of this document is to inform all parties interested in the DevOps Fundamentals course of the areas covered in the course. Up to 200 times faster software deployment, 30 times increased deployment frequency, and 60 times higher change success rates, organizations such as Netflix, Spotify, and Facebook are revolutionizing the IT game by successfully implementing DevOps principles. The data does not lie. You do not have to be a hot Web company or a monster enterprise to be a DevOps leader. Companies, large or small and young or old, have magnificently made the transition and have the proof of success in their pockets. DevOps training is the starting point for an organization going on the DevOps journey. Improved workflows and faster deployment starts with a core understanding of DevOps fundamental concepts by anyone involved in an Agile and/or DevOps team.

DASA develops and evangelizes a vendor neutral DevOps qualification program for professionals, generates interest and awareness for the need for knowledge and skill development, promotes open source certification for DevOps knowledge and skills, and ensures quality of training for the market through a logical and threshold-driven qualification program. Anyone can participate in defining role-based competences, learning paths, and qualification schemes. All existing learning content that maps against the DASA knowledge and skill areas has value. DASA will map content and demonstrate relevance and will maintain an open and logical operating model for training delivery, as shown in the following figure. DASA DevOps Fundamentals provides an extensive introduction to the core Agile DevOps principles covering the essential knowledge and skill competences that have been defined by DASA.

DevOps Training en Certificering

DASA DevOps Fundamentals

De training DevOps Fundamentals zet uiteen wat DevOps inhoudt en hoe het bijdraagt aan het continu realiseren van klantwaarde. DevOps is de werkwijze gericht op het verbeteren van samenwerking,…

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DASA DevOps Professional: Enable and Scale

De DASA DevOps Professional: Enable and Scale (voorheen DevOps Practitioner) training borduurt voort op de basis die is gelegd met de DASA DevOps Fundamentals training. Deze DevOps Professional:…

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DASA DevOps Product Owner

De Product Owner vervult in een DevOps-omgeving een cruciale leiderschapsrol en is verantwoordelijk voor het managen van de volledige levenscyclus van een product, van de wieg tot aan het graf. Het…

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DevOps Business Simulatie – The Phoenix Project

​The Phoenix Project is een realistische business simulatie (serious game), gebaseerd op het alom geprezen boek The Phoenix Project van Gene Kim. Net zoals dit boek de fundamenten van DevOps…

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