Lean IT Leadership Training Syllabus

Any publication on the application of Lean principles within organizations will mention the critical importance of leadership to the success of the initiative, or the lack of success if leadership is absent. That is why this certification has a prominent place in the Lean IT Association’s certification scheme. There are thousands of publications on Leadership, many on Leadership in IT, less on Lean leadership and very few on Lean leadership within the IT context. This course brings together published ideas on leadership, lean leadership and leadership in IT, and combines this with practical experience from Lean IT practitioners, to provide a well-rounded view of Lean leadership within IT. This course is useful for managers and professionals who want to lead the change towards being a Lean organization.

This syllabus covers the Leadership level certification of the Lean IT Association. The primary purpose of the syllabus is to provide a basis for accreditation of people involved with Lean IT Leadership. It documents the learning outcomes of the Lean IT Leadership and describes the requirements a candidate is expected to meet to demonstrate that these learning outcomes have been achieved.

Lean IT Training and Certification

Lean IT Foundation

Jij wilt jouw IT-beheer of -ontwikkelorganisatie effectiever, efficiënter en sneller laten functioneren? Je wilt ervoor zorgen dat er een efficiënt change management beleid wordt gevoerd? Je wilt…

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Lean IT Foundation eLearning

**Deze eLearning is in het Engels**

IT organizations are constantly seeking new ways to improve customer satisfaction, service quality and value for the business. Lean IT is applied to…

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Lean IT Kaizen

In deze Lean IT Kaizen training brengen we je alle fijne kneepjes bij op het gebied van continue verbetering, zodat je optimaal bent voorbereid op jouw rol als Lean IT Kaizen Lead. Een Kaizen Lead…

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Lean IT Leadership

Deze Lean Leadership training voor IT is uitermate geschikt voor managers en professionals die het voortouw willen nemen in het veranderproces van hun organisatie naar een Lean organisatie. Tijdens…

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