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Success with Digital Acceleration for KWF to speed-up innovation


Connect with the over 800,000 current and former cancer patients in the Netherlands through an innovative solution.

“ Beating cancer as soon as possible.”


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milion € donated in 2017

About the Dutch Cancer Society (KWF)

The Dutch Cancer Society (KWF) is a large Dutch nonprofit whose goal is to beat cancer as soon as possible. To do so, it raises and channels funds towards scientific research, lobbies and shares their domain knowledge.

Client’s ambition

Beyond ending cancer, KWF strives to add value to cancer patients and cancer survivors in any way possible. To improve their life quality KWF needs access to domain experts, that is, those who have or have had cancer. This is made difficult due to privacy laws and to former patients preferring not to speak about the disease after undergoing treatment.

Key Challenge

KWF came to Quint for help to design a solution that solves the challenge to Connect and stay connected with the over 800,000 current and former cancer patients in the Netherlands. Such a solution should offer enough value that the (ex) patients would continuously use it, so that a pipeline could be established between KWF and them. Important criteria: reach, loyalty, transparency and efficiency. In other words, the solution must reach the target audience and foster the development of a relationship with it . In addition, it must be transparent in its communication with the users and be scalable and efficient in terms of money and time.

The Approach

To undertake the challenge, Quint offered KWF the digital accelerator – a 12 week pressure cooker with diverse talent focused on one strategic challenge and following design thinking. The team was diverse in terms of nationality, character and educational background, varying from business, to front end and back end software development.

Design thinking is a human-centric solution-based approach to innovation. Its main pillars are empathize, define, ideate, prototype and test. Empathizing is done through direct contact with the target audience, empathy maps and persona exercises. Ideating is facilitated through different brainstorming exercises whilst prototyping and testing are conducted with a lean mentality – i.e. you only build that which has been validated.

It is important to note that design thinking is not a linear process but rather an iterative one. Simply put, the team continuously strived to empathize with (ex) cancer patients, and in doing so validate their assumptions and update their personas. Schedule wise, the digital accelerator was divided into two main parts: a first where research, ideation and weekly deliverables led to an agreed upon solution in one month’s time; a second where prototyping and testing took place.


The final deliverable was a tested prototype and a business case. The prototype consisted in both mock up and functionalities and the business case provided an overview on how to scale the solution. Throughout the digital accelerator, the KWF was able to get a closer contact with (ex) cancer patients and obtain new insights into digital strategy and agile ways of working.


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