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Quint offers a unique “one-stop-shopping” solution which enables training providers business to the maximum. The combination of an extensive portfolio of course materials, exam services, trainers and accreditation run through a hassle free, easy to use software system, enables training providers to concentrate on what they do best. Find out how Quint can empower your Business.

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Quint offers an extensive portfolio of courses in multiple delivery formats and languages across all IT domains. Leverage on Quint’s thought leadership and get access to 25 years of experience and knowledge

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Consulting in a Box - Bridging the gap between education and implementation

Consulting in a Box is a carefully designed set of assessments, tools, materials and supporting content aimed at helping any IT professional who wants to be more successful in applying best practices and principles based on standards accepted throughout the IT industry. Consulting in a Box provides users with access to a specifically designed set of assessments, tools, materials and a community, as well as supporting content involving IT Best & Next Practices. This platform allows users constant access to advice, inspiration and support in applying the knowledge they acquire in their daily activities.

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