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Lean IT

Many IT departments recognize their role when it comes to supporting innovation and sustainable growth in their business. At the same time, IT departments are increasingly asked to do more with less. Service and customer satisfaction needs to improve while budgets are being squeezed. This is why so many IT departments are looking for methods to support their need to reduce complexity and waste within their processes and to accelerate the time-to-market. In its essence, Lean is about the maximization of customer value and the minimization of waste. In addition, Lean focuses on the continuous improvement of the processes that support both of these goals. Simply put, Lean is about creating more value with fewer resources. 

How can we help you with your transformation to a Lean organization?

Lean IT Implementation

Lean Transformation

Our Lean IT approach brings together our extensive knowledge of IT (process)organizations and our expertise in the field of change management. This ensures the development of attitudes and behavior befitting a future-oriented agile organization. The Lean IT Quint method builds upon the principles of Lean Manufacturing combined with Six Sigma elements to the IT environment. Quint achieves results with its clients by focusing on customer value, creating transparency, focusing on results, coaching in Lean leadership and the ability of the staff to learn continuously. Implementing Lean will increase IT productivity by an average of 25% within 12 months. In addition, the IT department will work more efficiently, transparently and will become more relevant to the business. 

Lean IT Simulation Game Crazy Kitchen

Lean IT Serious Gaming

Crazy Kitchen is a Lean IT game that helps participants to realize for themselves that a process, even one that’s well worn and documented, can always be improved. The game experience transforms lean from an abstract concept into something practical and straightforward. Implementing Lean IT within IT-departments increases productivity and quality. In addition, as efficiency and transparency increases, departments become more relevant to the business. This also creates a customer-oriented culture in which performance dialogue is part of the daily routine, providing feedback is completely normal, results are highly visible and the desire to improve is simply how things are done.

Lean IT Visual Management

Lean Visual Management

The prolonged economic crisis has left many government institutions faced with new cost-saving targets. Lean IT principals have the proven ability to achieve those targets. We used a well-known government agency’s software development team as a test case. The agency had a relatively high ‘turnaround rate’ that not only allowed for visible results in a short period of time, but also provided the opportunity to examine how their methods evolved. At the start of the pilot, the software development team staff had a constant sense of being overworked and under pressure. Their internal clients perceived them as slow, the delivery quality was low and, as if that weren’t bad enough, they regularly missed deadlines. Unsurprisingly, the entire department was looked upon as too expensive. Our challenge: transform the software development team from struggling ugly duckling to graceful and profitable swan in no more than six weeks, as agreed with management.

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Lean IT Association LITA

Lean IT Association (LITA)  

LITA is a non-profit organization founded by three Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs) - ITpreneurs, Pink Elephant, Quint Wellington Redwood and three Examination Institutes (EI's) - APMG, EXIN, PEOPLECERT International Ltd. To realize its broader purpose LITA aims to provide a standard for Lean IT Education and Certification.

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Lean IT Training and Certification

Lean IT Training and Certification

Organizations today need to be in control and optimize their daily business, but additionally they  need to innovate on their business models and technologies. Lean IT offers a strong, well-founded  solution for both these challenges.

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Webinar Recordings on Lean IT

Lean IT Videos

Through this link you will find a list of videos on Lean IT from our experts at Quint Wellington Redwood Simply click any of the links to watch the video you're interested in.