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Service Integration and Management

The governance of outsourcing is a topic that has been a high priority on the agendas of CIOs for the last 15 years. Quint has already helped many clients in setting up demand-supply governance. The recent popularity of best-of-breed outsourcing services in combination with cloud services has made governance an even higher priority. SIAM (Service Integration and Management) has appeared in the wake of these developments. SIAM involves the integration of the sub-services of all kinds of internal (shared services) and external outsourcing services (including cloud services) into an IT chain that makes an effective contribution to the business processes. SIAM goes further than demand-supply governance because the SIAM function itself takes responsibility for the end-to-end provision of services to the business, based on agreed KPIs. To set up an effective SIAM function, processes, contracts and technology (service management) have to be designed and implemented as a whole. A SIAM function is characterized by the availability of a suite of integrated service management tools that receive data from all the underlying parties. In this way, a single source of truth is created with service management data that contains information on the performance of the IT services. Alongside this technology, the SIAM function needs to be staffed by people who are capable of controlling the operational processes and can build a bridge between the business (demand) and the underlying service providers (supply).

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Service Integration And Management SIAM

Designing the SIAM function

Quint’s vision is that a SIAM function belongs within the client’s organization and should be provided in-house rather than being sourced out. This is the only way in which our clients can continue to exercise sufficient control over the underlying IT service providers and build a bridge between the business (demand) and the underlying IT service providers (supply). Quint is not affiliated with IT service providers and this independence guarantees that we always act in the best interests of our clients. Quint has over fifteen years of experience in designing SIAM functions and demand-supply governance functions. Quint’s sourcing advisory practice delivers market-leading insights into the performance of IT service providers. These insights are used to design effective SIAM functions. We contract the majority of our jobs on the basis of accountability for results.

Keep your Governance in-house with SIAM

SIAM: Keeping the governance of IT service providers in-house

Companies that outsource IT activities to different service providers must maintain a coherent IT environment for their own users. This coordinating role, referred to by the acronym SIAM (Service Integration and Management), is a role that can in turn be outsourced. But it would be sensible for companies not to do so.