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Management Course Excellent IT Training

Course Description:
As an executive or manager within IT, you will undoubtedly have come into contact with the large number of models and methodologies that have been developed for IT over the last 30 years. All of the models and methodologies have their merits. You may well have chosen to implement a particular method with the goal of delivering the IT services that your customers expect. However, when it comes to implementing or using them in practice, most models or methods tend to live the “method” rather than focusing on the results. This generates considerable resistance or difficulties as the requirements they impose on your people do not directly drive a better IT performance.

Quint has recognized for some time that there are many IT executives and managers who prefer a pragmatic approach to delivering great IT services to their customers. Taking the things that really work. And using them in the IT organization in such a way that employees and clients see the effect of IT improvement directly. A new way of working as a logical development of IT organization. Not by implementing another emerging new method, but to go back to the basics – the things that really matter – to boost IT performance without additional costs.

This course is the result of tens of years of collective experience in hundreds of IT organizations, and is given by management consultants who have been exposed to situations comparable to yours. The Quint Academy offers a practical curriculum aimed at giving IT executives and managers the tools to move their organizations to the next level of performance and satisfied clients.

Course and Learning Objectives:
The Excellent IT course addresses a well-rounded and applicable set of topics that cover the daily life of an IT manager or executive. Excellent IT participants will gain hands-on, in-depth knowledge of these topics.

The key learning objective is simplification: how can you reduce the complexity of your environment to the most important controls? How can you use these controls to steer your organization in the desired direction?

Based on a profound comprehension of the Excellent IT topics, candidates are enabled to immediately apply their newly obtained insights and skills to benefit their own environment.

  • Understand the drivers of excellent IT services
  • Analyze the current state of IT services
  • Determine the gap to where your organization needs to be
  • Understand the effect of the improvements you aim to make in your IT organization
  • Construct a simple but effective set of Key Performance Indicators that drives performance
  • Build a plan for improving your own IT organization and IT services
  • Define the method for keeping yourself and your organization on track for excellent IT services


Course Approach:
Over the course, the participants focus on the concepts as described. During the exercises, we analyze the individual situations and design plans and routines to use the moment you return to your organization. During the course, the participants will be trained in a professional setting:

  • Small, exclusive group of participants to ensure an optimal learning effect
  • Field-experienced trainers (English and Dutch)
  • Personal feedback
  • Inspiring and comfortable location

Course Student Material:
Participants will receive the Excellent IT classroom workbook containing all of the presentation materials, exercises and samples. Participants will receive several books as well as additional reading material.

There are no pre-requisites for this course

Target Audience:
IT Executives, Managers, Senior IT Professionals

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