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Scrum Master Training (Virtual)

Course Description:
Today, an agile or Scrum approach is often the preferred method for managing projects. The goal is to realize better systems faster and cheaper, while staying in optimal alignment with your client’s requirements. The Scrum Master aids the team in using increasingly more agile practices. The Scrum Master facilitates the team sessions and actively looks for impediments and risks. Do you want to increase your insight and skills? To prevent the pitfalls of Scrum? Take this Scrum Master course and you will be able to apply Scrum successfully in your projects.

The course introduces you to the benefits that agile methodology and working with Scrum offer over and above traditional development methodologies. The responsibilities of the Scrum Master are examined and the other roles in the team are explained. After all, a Scrum project only succeeds with a motivated team in which all roles are represented.

The subjects dealt with include: managing priorities and backlogs, conducting sprints, using burndown charts, facilitating daily standup meetings and conducting demos and retrospectives. We constantly return to what is essential: agile practices are about experimentation and learning. The power of visual management and pursuing and solving impediments is clearly demonstrated in practical exercises. Of course, practical examples of pitfalls are also dealt with extensively.


Course Approach:
The course explains the different Scrum rituals as well as collaborations with other roles from the perspective of the Scrum Master. In addition to Scrum knowledge, attention is paid to the team dynamics that emerge when forming a Scrum team and developing agile practices.

Course Material:
The slides shown will be distributed as hand-outs.

Reference Material:
Scrum guide The Power of Scrum by Rini van Solingen & Eelco Rustenburg

Target Audience:
Any professional or manager can become a Scrum Master. That means this course is suitable for a broad spectrum of roles: Designers, Developers, Testers, Software Architects and Project Leaders. This course ensures that every prospective Scrum Master becomes familiar with the knowledge and skills needed for a Scrum project to succeed.

Training fees:
USD 1,495.00

USD 1,495.00

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