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Lean IT Training & Certification

Lean IT Training and Certification with Quint Academy 

Organizations today need to be in control and optimize their daily business, but additionally they  need to innovate on their business models and technologies. Lean IT offers a strong, well-founded solution for both these challenges. Lean revolves around principles for operational excellence, for customer centricity, for strategy  deployment, for management of change and transition, for team and individual behavior and motivation. Quint is founding member of the Lean IT Association (LITA). This non-profit organization founded by three Accredited Training Organizations (ATO's) and three Examination Institutes (EI's) To realize its broader purpose LITA aims to set the standard for Lean IT Education and Certification.

We believe that Lean Thinking should be an integral part of every Enterprise IT organization and also every IT professional’s toolkit.

What is Lean?

For the most part, Lean can be interpreted as an operations strategy; a way to design, transform and  run your business maximizing Customer value and reducing waste. Originating from Henry Ford’s moving assembly line in the early 19th century and additionally inspired by the Toyota Production System with the addition of Deming’s work in quality, Lean evolved in the 90’s through adoption of Lean in other industries into Lean IT today. Lean offers fundamental concepts for today’s business: from design and initial set-up to operations and transformation. These concepts revolve around establishing long term results for customers and stakeholders, enterprise wide process capability building and alignment, cultural enablers for sustainable success and continuous improvement involving everyone, every day everywhere. Lean companies are more successful than non-lean companies in terms of business value and retaining talent, and their success is more sustainable over time.

How Is Lean Related to IT?

Lean continuously evolves, as it adapts to any new context it is applied to. The domain of Information Technology is one of the fastest, accelerating business domains we see in the world. Therefore there can only be a working definition of Lean for IT, a set of hypotheses, to emphasize its evolving character in a fast changing business. Since the set of current hypotheses are widely stretched, we see a variety of meaningful interpretations on several levels:

  • The core values of an organization
  • The principles level
  • The methods level
  • The tools and techniques level

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